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Level 0 - Nemo

- Must be at least 4 years old
- Focuses on encouraging water confidence
- Swimmers learn to manoeuvre themselves through the water with an aid
- Some activities include submerging, floating and jumping in from the edge
- Prepares swimmers for Level 1 stroke introduction.
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Flying Fish
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Level 1 - Flying Fish

- Focuses on floating & movement through the water
- Introduction to freestyle and backstroke kicking
- Water safety and the development of swimming skills.

We encourage a ‘happy learning environment’ for this ability, catering for water familiarisation through to a more formalised teaching of freestyle and backstroke skills.

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Blue shark
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Level 2 - Blue Shark

- Focuses on the consolidation of freestyle & backstroke
- Introduction to breaststroke kick
- Further development of independent movement and propulsion
- Co-ordination of kicking and arms
- Introduction to bilateral breathing.
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Level 3 - Wahoo

- Swimmers aim backstroke for 10 metres
- Demonstrate freestyle arms using an aid for 25 metres
- Introduction to breaststroke kick on front
- Introduction to diving in, retrieving object & swimming back.
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Blue Marlin
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Level 4 - Blue Marlin

- Swimmers aim to swim 10 metres of breaststroke
- Introduction to butterfly kick
- Required to achieve 15m of backstroke and freestyle.

Swimmers will build toward 30 seconds of treading water, learning how to hold the water for a better feel and catch in their stroke.

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Level 5 - Sword Fish

- Introduction to the full butterfly stroke and work toward 10 metres of butterfly with fins on.
- Aim to achieve 25m freestyle and backstroke
- Treading water for 1 minute whilst being able to make hand signals for help.
- Introduction to diving from a diving block.
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Level 6 - Sailfish

- Building to complete 15m butterfly, 25m of breaststroke, 50m of backstroke and 50m of freestyle.
- Dive and streamline off a block
- Sculling technique to move forwards and backwards.
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